We Can Occupy

You don't need a tent to Occupy.

Progressive Mass on collaborating with We Can Occupy:

The #Occupy movement has changed the national conversation.  It has given a voice to those of us who have for so long been frustrated at the increasing disparity of wealth in this country and a system that is increasingly rigged in favor of the very wealthy.  The #Occupy movement is new but growing quickly, finding new venues every day to make its cry of outrage heard.

Progressive Massachusetts (ProgressiveMass.com) is another emerging organization that believes the system is broken, that the 99% can no longer allow our country’s public policy to be controlled by the 1%. We are a grassroots organization mobilizing people from across the state to pass progressive public policy, elect progressive candidates to office, and hold elected officials accountable to progressive positions and values.

We officially launched with a public kickoff–a four-hour event attended by over 200 activists–on October 2, 2011, just two days after #Occupy protesters first moved into Dewey Square.  Our kickoff was the product of eight months of planning, involving over 100 progressive leaders in Massachusetts.  As a result, Progressive Mass committees have now begun organizing to:

  • Pass legislation in Massachusetts that will make the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes so that we can invest in our communities and lift up the 99%
  • Replace Scott Brown in the upcoming Senate election with a candidate who embodies the progressive vision of Progressive Mass and the #Occupy movement
  • Determine what progressive issues we should organize around next, and what has the greatest potential to change the politics of the state

a Massachusetts collaboration for change

In joining forces with local #Occupy movements as they spread beyond Boston, we are fulfilling our goal of building grassroots power in all parts of the state, by:

  • Educating progressive activists about crucial state and national public policies, and about campaigns to pass progressive policies;
  • Training progressive activists, so they have the skills to put the political system back into the hands of the 99%;
  • Creating opportunities for local political leadership and ongoing political engagement. 

As #Occupy meetings and events proliferate across the state, Progressive Mass hopes to play a critical supporting role.  We offer the support and tools necessary for effective grassroots advocacy and electoral campaigns, and we offer ourselves and our members–committed activists for whom the #Occupy movement is the megaphone supporting the hard work we all know is required to change our country’s politics–as collaborators in the struggle.

Presently, #Occupy, broadly, is focused on continuing to raise consciousness about the broken economy that serves the very few, the political system that has been hijacked by money to perpetuate that system, and the decreasing relevance of the promise that hard work and education will be rewarded with a stable place in the American dream.

When the time comes for your community to turn the #Occupy vision, energy and calls for change into actions toward concrete political changes, Progressive Mass offers support and expertise in legislation, advocacy and grassroots organization, such as:

  • The most effective tactics in organizing grassroots lobbying campaigns to pass progressive legislation,
  • What legislation has the potential to make the biggest impact, what has a realistic chance of passage in the short term, and what will require a long-term campaign
  • The priority elected officials to target — the “swing” or powerful legislators who will determine whether a bill passes
  • How organizing a door-to-door voter mobilization campaign can elect true progressives to office
  • Who their allies are in any of these campaigns, and how to mobilize them

Progressive Mass is here to share knowledge and grassroots organizing energy with the #Occupy movement.  We believe that we are all in this together.

Share your ideas about political changes you want to see, and join us in developing concrete plans to make them reality. See more at ProgressiveMass.com.


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