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PRI: Time Magazine Names ‘The Protester’ as Person of the Year

The Take Away: December 14, 2011


Nur Nur is a human rights activist in Cairo who was part of the movement to oust Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.
Jason Pottegier is part of Occupy Boston, and is currently working on a website, WeCanOccupy.com.

“Time magazine has declared 2011 the year of the protester. In the year that gave the world the Arab Spring, austerity-related uprisings throughout Europe, and the Occupy Wall Street movement, it is no surprise the newsweekly chose “The Protester” as its iconic 2011 Person of the Year. Two protesters from very different movements join The Takeaway to talk about the popular uprisings that have dominated headlines and captivated minds around the globe in 2011.”

Full Interview on TheTakeAway.org

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FOX: Occupy Boston Days numbered

FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com, December 8th, 2011

Philip Anderson, who is with the Occupy Boston group [and wecanoccupy.org], stopped by the FOX 25 Morning News to talk about a Superior Court judge’s ruling giving the city the green light to remove protesters from the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Watch the full interview at myfoxboston.com

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WBUR.org: Can Occupy Boston Continue Without Dewey Square?

Radio Boston, December 1, 2011


  • Professor Timothy McCarthy, director of the human rights and social movements program, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government; and author of “Protest Nation: Words That Inspired A Century of American Radicalism”
  • Philip Anderson, Occupy Boston protester, WeCanOccupy.com

… Occupy Boston is now more than two months old. And across the nation — from New York to Los Angeles — police have cleared and shut down similar encampments, suggesting this stage of the protest movement may be slowing down or ending.

But whether the city evicts the protesters or let’s them stay, what’s next for Occupy Boston? Can it survive without its Dewey Square presence? And if it digs in for the winter, then what?

Full Interview on WBUR.org

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NPR.org: Boston Occupy Movement Reaches Second Phase

All Things Considered, November 17, 2011

Melissa Block checks back in with Jason Potteiger with the Occupy Boston movement. The recent college graduate was unemployed when we first talked to him last month. Now he’s got a job, but he continues to work with the movement on various projects.

“… BLOCK: What is your involvement with Occupy Boston at this point?

POTTEIGER: Well, some friends of mine and I are working on this website called WeCanOccupy.com and the idea is that we’ve really reached the second phase of this movement here, at least that’s what a lot of people in Boston feel. And we want to take this movement, the Occupy movement, we want to try to decentralize it. What we’re trying to do with the website is encourage local groups to get together. Maybe they don’t set up any tents, but to get engaged in local politics as well as national politics.

We want to have it not be so focused on the actual encampments and get people in the suburbs more engaged and make them feel like they’re really part of the movement rather than just supporters of the movement.”

Full Interview on NPR.org

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WGBH.org: As Occupy Camps In NY And Oakland Are Shut Down, Focus Shifts To Boston

THE EMILY ROONEY SHOW | A production of  

  Jason Potteiger, media volunteer for Occupy Boston

As New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and officials in other cities work to evict occupy demonstrators from their encampments, we look at what’s next for protesters in Boston.

The Boston group is moving beyond the downtown occupation, Occupy Boston media volunteer Jason Potteiger said on “The Emily Rooney Show.” They’re setting up a website “to move the discussion to the suburbs,” Potteiger said. “We really are in Phase 2 of the movement.”

Full Interview on WGBH.org


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Boston.com: Protest finding backers in burbs

Activists strategize to support Occupy

By Jose Martinez
Globe Correspondent / October 27, 2011

“…The evening began with a round of introductions over hot cider and chocolate chip cookies and a burst of applause when 24-year-old Philip Anderson spoke.

‘I’m Philip Anderson, originally from Westwood but currently residing in a tent in Dewey Square,’ he said.

Anderson and fellow Occupy Boston organizer Jason Potteiger, 25, of Cambridge, want to see more Occupy-themed meetings in living rooms like Crocker’s. They plan to launch a website soon to help organize the sessions.

‘Our point is to decentralize – to get people to stop saying they support Occupy and to start saying they are part of Occupy,’ Anderson said. ‘We want them to occupy their own space in an e-format . . . then we can broadcast it so people feel their views are being represented on a global level.’’’

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BostonOccupier.com: Pilot Project Engages Distant Suburbs

By Matt Cloyd on 10/24/11 • Categorized as Featured Articles

“Last night, Jason Potteiger and Phil Anderson of Occupy Boston hosted an Occupy Boston “house party” in Needham, MA. The house party was a pilot run of an effort to bring the generally city-centric Occupy movement to Boston’s more distant suburbs. The house party effort seeks to provide an avenue for those who live far outside major Occupied cities to engage with the movement.”

Read full Article on BostonOccupier.com

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