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Occupy Needham – People’s Mic – Dec. 17, 2011

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Was this Needham, MA’s first ever ‘People’s Mic’?  To an assembled crowd of at least 75 at its peak, Clark Taylor used the people’s mic to declare solidarity with the principles of Occupy:

When the Occupy Movement in some cities was refused sound amplification equipment, they developed the “Peoples’ Mike” concept to reach all those who couldn’t otherwise hear.  The speaker spoke in short segments and those who could hear together repeated the segments in a loud voice.  I invite all of us to be the Peoples’ Mike!

We care deeply about the United States of America

And the values it says it stands for!

In our pledge of allegiance we pledge

“with liberty and justice for all!”—

not economic power for the few.

With that all in mind,

We say to our government:

Don’t cut the education budget,

Don’t take teachers out of the classroom,

Don’t cut firefighters,

Don’t cut police

Don’t cut the safety net for the elderly and the poor

We say to our government,

Raise taxes on those who can afford it

So they pay their fair share!

Raise taxes on the corporations

So they pay their fair share!

Fair share!

Regulate the corporations,

Regulate the financial industry

So they serve the social contract,

The common wealth,

And don’t dominate it.

We say to the government,

Invest in jobs!

Help the jobless become taxpayers!

Invest in jobs!

Repair bridges and roads

Invest in jobs!

Repair schools

Invest in jobs!

Repair water systems

Invest in jobs!

Invest in solar power

Invest in jobs!

Invest in water and wind power

Invest in jobs!

Invest in housing,

Stop foreclosures!

Invest in higher education,

Increase, not cut, Pell Grants for students.

Invest in workers,

Support union organizing!

Invest in workers,

Support immigrant workers!

Invest in inner cities,

Give hope to the poor!

Invest in inner cities,

Involve the poor in major development

Invest in health,

Take insurance out of the health system

Invest in health,

Create a single payer system.

Invest in peace!

Stop the wars.

Invest in peace,

Close the bases.

Invest in peace,

Bring home the fighters.

Invest in peace,

Provide economic development for low income countries

Invest in US

Invest in our jobs,

Our housing,

Our infrastructure

To get the country moving again!

Then there will be money…

To pay down the debt

In a healthy society.

This is what the Occupy Movement is about.

This is what democracy looks like!


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