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Minutes – 2011 Dec. 18 – Occupy Needham

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Occupy Needham met for the third time Sunday night 12/18/2011, the day following the most recent direct action, a well-attended stand out in Needham Center. The meeting agenda was developed through a discussion of issues and action items that participants raised and/or hoped to a gain consensus for.
Discussion topics:
  • Messaging and framing : concern about the divisiveness/defensiveness of wealthy friends/neighbors with “1%” message; discussed the concept of framing, the difference between “message”, “values”, “issues” and specific legislation:
    • Value and Message: We should all have a fair shot and equal say in our democracy (VALUE: Meritocracy, fair play, democracy)
    • Issue:  The flooding of our democracy with money
    • Specific Legislation:  try to pass an “anti Citizens United” amendment
  • Tactics:  visibility or political/legislative organizing?
    • Some felt it was not for the Burbs to develop action agendas; others think that’s the necessary next step
    • There’s room –and need for– a variety of tactics, both and and:  while Dewey Visibility (tents) brought the successes in convo-shift and brought us together in the burbs, we want to also set a course for positive/future change
We formed loose working groups to investigate issues and actions further and report back.
  • TEACH IN: Tom, Claire, Marty, Clark, John, Eileen
  • LEGISLATIVE / ELECTORAL: Tom, Harmony, Claire, Julie (esp Corporate Personhood)
  • OUTREACH: Eileen, Claire, Julie (religious outreach ON the corporate personhood issue)
  • PR / MEDIA:  Jan G., Ross (press releases, disseminate info)
  • BALLOT INITIATIVES IN TOWNS WITH SPRING ELECTIONS (Colbert’s “Is a corporation a person?” or “Is a person a person?”):  John K, Stacie, Harmony, Artie, Julie

The notes are not complete but hopefully they capture the gist and are useful as a reminder to attendees,  and as a briefing to members who were not able to attend. If you were not able to attend, start or join the discussion on the list serve and call your friend and participate.

Next Meeting: January 8 stay tuned for details

Attendance: Marty, Claire, Jan G, Ken, Eileen, Ross, Harmony, Jan O, Artie, Ridgely, Clark, Tom, Nancy, Oly, Julie, Stacie

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