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Updates – 2012 Jan. 2 – Occupy Natick

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Hi All-

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays-now it’s time to start the New Year off right!

Our next meeting is schedule for Sunday, January 8 from 2-4 at the Morse Institute Library, 14 East Central Street.  We have invited an OB facilitator to come and help us run our first facilitated meeting, I hope all can join us! Other topics to address as time allows: Setting up communication systems for Occupy Natick; ongoing outreach; prioritizing of efforts, issues.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Saturday visibility events on the Natick Common throughout the holidays.  We will continue these and all are welcome to join us next Saturday, Jan. 7 from 11:30-12:30.

Ongoing activities:

Day of action/protest related to Citizens United: Jan. 20/21-there is a planning meeting tonight, Jan. 2 from 7-9 p.m. in Boston at the Community Church, 565 Boylston Street.  I am attending and will report back at Sunday’s meeting.  In the meantime, for more information on this issue and activities to address, check out this website I found:


New Hampshire Republican Primary:

There are lots of Occupy activities planned to highlight our ongoing battle against money in politics and the lack of actual representation of the people’s will/needs by candidates.  To me, this is an excellent opportunity to point out that the Occupiers have not gone away and are keeping pressure on those that aspire to be our leaders to hear and respond to the issues that most impact the 99%.

We must keep the spotlight on our issues so that they continue to dominate the conversation and those in positions of leadership feel obligated to respond-that is the main point behind much of the protesting and visibility/street based events. In their own words:

“Occupy the NH Primary will address growing economic inequality and the disproportionate economic and political power of corporate America and the wealthiest 1%. We want to highlight our concerns that the candidates and media ignore.”

I have pasted in a schedule of events that is still being updated at the end of this email.  I am planning on attending next Saturday, in particular to participate in the Funeral Procession for the American Dream at 7p.m. (!) and am open to carpooling with any who might also like to attend-I will not be staying overnight and do not plan in getting arrested ; ) !

If you have not already, please be sure to check out www.wecanoccupy.com for ongoing information, facts and stats.  Also, the daily Occupy Boston Media Rundown is very helpful to keep track of all the press related to our efforts.


Thanks everyone!



Friday January 6th
5:00 PM: Welcome
6:30 PM: Occupy Music Jam – All are invited to bring instruments (Paul Brochu and Friends)
7:30 PM: Teach-In “Bird-Dogging Political Candidates” (Arnie Alpert and Olivia Zink) / Film “Bullied” (Marianne O’Connor) Both will be held at the UU church at 669 Union St.

Saturday January 7th
9:00 AM: “Occupying Small Towns” (Occupy Keene)
10:00 AM: “Cost of US Foreign Policy” (Veterans for Peace)
11:00 AM: “Politics” a lecture by Mark Twain (Ed Helm)
12:00 PM: General Protesting (Occupy Exeter – side action)
1:00 PM: Lecture “How to Build a Strong Movement” (Occupy Wall Street)
2:30 PM: Gay Pride Rally from Veteran’s to Victory (Occupy Nashua) https://www.facebook.com/events/281180708599133/
5:00 PM: General Assembly
7:00 PM: Funeral Procession for the American Dream at St. Anselm College during the primary debate. Please wear “mourning attire,” if possible. (Occupy Manchester)

Sunday January 8th
9:00 AM: Direct Action (Occupy Manchester)
11:00 AM: Street Theater “Puppets and Power” (Occupy Maine)
1:00 PM: Dance Party of Awesomeness (Occupy Worcester)
3:00 PM: Hallelujah Corporations, storytelling, songs, and skits (Occupy Conway)
4:00 PM: Drum Circle
5:00 PM: General Assembly
7:00 PM: Film “Inside Job” at the UU church 669 Union Street

Monday January 9th
9:00 AM: Street Theater “Bank Transfer” (Occupy Manchester)
11:00 AM: “Marriage to a Corporation” (Occupy Manchester)
1:00 PM: “How to Build Efficient, Renewable Energy Systems.” (Roy Morrison)
3:00 PM: “All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” (Occupy Concord)
5:00 PM: General Assembly
7:00 PM: Open

Tuesday January 10th (Primary Day)
9:00 AM: Open
11:00 AM: “History of Labor” (IWW)
1:00 PM: NH Healthcare Now
3:00 PM: Flash Mob (Occupy Boston)
4:30 PM—8:30 (END) Occupy NH Wins the Primary!
Occupy NH will convene at MacNeil’s Banquet Facility for Victory Party.
The McNeil’s have offered their banquet room to Occupy NH without charge. We have to bring our own food. We can potluck, order BBQ from KC’s rib shack, etc.
Bring some $$ for beer/wine/soda.
Address is 837 Second St., Manchester, NH (Bottom floor of KC’s Rib Shack)

All events are taking place at Veteran’s Park, unless otherwise noted.
All open spaces are available to claim. Send requests to Katie at Occupythenhprimary@gmail.com.
If you have sleeping spaces to offer in NH, or if you require sleeping space, please email Paul Brochu at sevensixtworevolution@gmail.com.

From January 6th to January 10th, Occupy NH invites you to “Occupy the Presidential Primary”–First in the Nation’s History.
Occupy the NH Primary will address growing economic inequality and the disproportionate economic and political power of corporate America and the wealthiest 1%. We want to highlight our concerns that the candidates and media ignore.
Events include marches, debates, street theater, workshops, and entertainment. Occupy groups in NH and throughout the region are encouraged to reserve a 2-hour block for their own event.


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