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Minutes – 2012 Jan. 8 – Occupy Natick

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Occupy Natick Meeting Minutes


Welcome and Introductions:

21 people attended the meeting and we were joined by Justin and Mark from Occupy Boston to explain the facilitation/consensus process.  Justin facilitated the meeting.

The majority of the meeting was spent learning and them implementing the facilitation process.  Notes from that portion of the meeting (presented as directions) are included at the end of the minutes.  The rest of the meeting was taken up with Announcements and Proposals which are highlighted first, although they came at the end of the meeting.

Role of facilitators:

Keep to agenda

Timing of meeting

Facilitate towards consensus

Facilitator can rotate each meeting and must be willing to forgo expressing opinions or offering proposals at the meeting they facilitate.

Occupy Natick will follow the Occupy Boston model of 75% consensus.

Various hand signals used for communication during meetings were explained, along with the block, which would need a 10% consensus for approval.

The overall goal of the facilitated meeting and consensus process is to make decisions for what is best for the group as a whole, to allow for all voices to be heard and to give everyone a chance to participate in the decision making process with the groups best interest in mind.

A quorum is needed and what constitutes a quorum is decided by the people in attendance at that particular meeting.

Most meetings will have 1-2 facilitators, depending upon the size of the group

Stack Aide-to track proposals and list of announcements

Note Taker-maintain meeting minutes-very important for transparency, should be kept online, track all proposals, amendments etc.

Vibe Monitor-temp check-help assess when emotions may require a break for the group

Process Aide-?


Ridgley- meeting with Rep. Dave Linsky on January 17 at 2 pm at the State House regarding “3 Strikes” Bill-all interested in attending encouraged to contact her.

Dick-GrowthBusters-a movie screening Jan.14 for those interested in over consumption/population and the impact it is having-is interested in setting up additional screenings.

Laura-Jan 20/21 Citizens United Day of Action-details to follow

Betsy-Town Meeting resolution in support of ending corporate Citizenship

Carol-Peace Action-Jan.14 -1 pm Occupy Natick members are invited to attend a pot luck at Gallery 55 in Natick sponsored by the Metrowest Peace Action Group.


Jay-Form a “Communications Working Group” to establish a website/listserve proposal to bring to next meeting. Approved as offered.

Betsy-Town Meeting Resolution to end corporate personhood-goal is to have as many town meetings as possible pass these resolutions in a grassroots effort to support statewide legislation. It was decided to work on modifying the language (with help from several volunteers) and bring back at next meeting for approval so that Occupy Natick could sign as endorsing group.  Town meeting meets in April.

Not addressed were:

GrowthBusters-movie screenings-will be addressed at next meeting

Formal Endorsement of Legislation at the State (?) and Federal (?) level to end corporate personhood (note taker is confused over what legislation was referred to).

Meeting ended with everyone happy to have gotten through a proposal using the formal facilitation process!

Next Meeting:

Sunday Feb. 5th-(yes Super Bowl Sunday-sorry!)  Time/Place to be determined-will try to keep it early (12:30-2:30) any suggestions for locations are welcome, contact Betsy

Facilitator: Betsy

Note Taker: Martin

Stack Aide: Jill

Meeting Process:

Decide roles (as listed above) in advance of meeting

Introduce all roles at start of meeting and then the group votes to approve the agenda

Announcements-simply the date, time, place and brief description of upcoming events of interest to the group

Proposals-should be written down in advance of meeting clarifying what the proposal is-can be an action you want the group to take, a stance to agree on, an effort to endorse, but there must be something clearly stated that the group is being asked to approve of.

Written proposals are handed to the Stack Aide who will then call on each one in order they are received to give a brief explanation (if there are role over proposals not addressed at prior meeting they will go first).

Once proposals are announced the group gets to vote on the order which they want to hear the full proposals through a voting process.

Proposal sponsor then gets a chance to read and share their proposal with the group and can answer clarifying questions (points of information) from the group.

Statements of support and statements of concern are then heard.

Amendments-the group can then take a moment to develop amendments (any changes they would like to make to the proposal) which are then offered and approved through a voting process.  There may be 1 or 2 rounds of amendments.

The proposal sponsor ultimately can approve of some or all of the amendments and agree to the modified proposal, or decide to retract the proposal for further modification and offer at another meeting.


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