We Can Occupy

You don't need a tent to Occupy.

About We Can Occupy

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About We Can Occupy

WeCanOccupy.org was started to help you bring the Occupy Movement home. We’re getting the “burbs” involved and encouraging them to “occupy their living rooms.”  This is the beginning of the second phase of the Occupy Movement, and it hinges on bringing involving supporters and giving ownership of Occupy to voters in the suburbs. We are developing resources for suburban and non-camping Occupiers to learn more about the movement, find meaningful and productive ways to drive it forward, and bring the Occupy Movement to their neighborhood. 

About the Occupy Movement

Who hasn’t heard the complaint, “I don’t know what the Occupy movement wants!”? Don’t believe the spin! While the Occupy Movement has as many specific demands as there are Occupy supporters, there are consistent, overriding concerns common to almost all of them.  The Occupy Movement started because Americans have had enough of an economy that has raided the 99% in favor of the 1%.  The Occupy Movement started because our politics and government–our Constitutional means by which we address our national problem and concerns –have been hijacked by big money.  So, not only do we have a major problem (a rigged economy), we have no means to truly correct it (a rigged political system).

Occupy isn’t about camping.  It’s about who we want to be as Americans.

What do we want?  A fair economy, a people-powered government, and accountability for those who have screwed it up. When do we want it? “Now” would be great. But we know change takes work, and fixing big problems take a lot of work.  So let’s get to work.

About Occupy House Parties

You don’t have to sleep in a tent to understand what’s wrong with our economic and political system.  You don’t have to march in the streets to believe that we should have a healthy economy for all and a government that serves the people.  You don’t have to get pepper-sprayed to change the direction of our country.

What we do need is for communities across the country–from “the hood” to “the burbs” and every farm and metropolis in between–to get organized.  To raise consciousness about the problems.  To educate about and brainstorm solutions. To join together and demand the kinds of systemic changes we desperately need.

This is a Main Street Movement (Occupy Natick, MA, Nov. 2011)

We Can Occupy is about bringing people in your community together to work on addressing these problems from the ground up, so we can restore our democracy and fix our economy.

These issues and ideas aren’t new.  What is new is the worldwide attention the Occupations have brought to these ideas and issues.  We can seize the energy and attention of the Occupations around the world to amplify our individual voices by bringing them together.  By thinking and acting locally in your community, we can leverage bigger, lasting change.

Occupy Your Way

We’re not asking or requiring you to ratify New Occupy groups (though some may do just that), or to stop working with existing organizations.  You can Occupy your living room in conjunction with other groups you’re already involved with – be it a political group or a knitting circle. Because we believe that the most powerful movements are grassroots—we know that you know best/better how to organize and talk with your community—whether it’s the PTA, your union members, local activist group or political committee.

We can provide guidance and support along the way, but encourage you to Occupy your way, and share your experiences to help build an irresistible movement for change.


2 responses to “About We Can Occupy

  1. Molly K. Saccardo says:


    I run a poetry reading series in Natick at Gallery 55. I am interested in having an Occupy Poet or two, if there are some, do a reading in February. Is that possible?

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