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NPR.org: Boston Occupy Movement Reaches Second Phase

on November 17, 2011
All Things Considered, November 17, 2011

Melissa Block checks back in with Jason Potteiger with the Occupy Boston movement. The recent college graduate was unemployed when we first talked to him last month. Now he’s got a job, but he continues to work with the movement on various projects.

“… BLOCK: What is your involvement with Occupy Boston at this point?

POTTEIGER: Well, some friends of mine and I are working on this website called WeCanOccupy.com and the idea is that we’ve really reached the second phase of this movement here, at least that’s what a lot of people in Boston feel. And we want to take this movement, the Occupy movement, we want to try to decentralize it. What we’re trying to do with the website is encourage local groups to get together. Maybe they don’t set up any tents, but to get engaged in local politics as well as national politics.

We want to have it not be so focused on the actual encampments and get people in the suburbs more engaged and make them feel like they’re really part of the movement rather than just supporters of the movement.”

Full Interview on NPR.org


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